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Academic Writer UK is an online academic writing service provider. We at are highly concerned about the privacy of our valuable customers and visitors. This legal statement represents the way we collect and use your data every time you visit the website.

Purpose of Privacy Policy

We strongly recommend every visitor/ user to read privacy statement carefully before using our website. The legal statement is applicable for everyone who visits our website and uses our services. Here we want to ensure that there should be no any misunderstanding about the terms of information collection. At, every customer has the control over his or her personal data and also has freedom to erase the personal information.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies and small files that is transferred in your system when you visit our website. It helps website to remember the preference of visitors on the system so when you visit the website next time your preference is remembered. It enhances the experience of visitors to visit online websites. We take help from cookies to analyse the traffic of our website and we can recognise visitors individually.

Collection of Personal Data

We at collect personal information of our customers just for the purpose of communicating with them. When you come to our website to buy our online paper writing services you are required to provide your personal information and order details. We mentioned that we collect personal information to contact our customers to inform them about their order status and to deliver them final draft. We also use their personal information to inform them with our discount offers so that our customers can take advantage of our low rate deals. We collect educational information to get help in writing their papers according to their requirements.

Sharing Information to Third Parties

We ensure every customers that we share your personal information for very specific reason only. The core reason of sharing your personal information with the third party is for the process of payment transfer. You don’t need to be worried about that because we have signed legal agreement with payment processing companies. We do care about your personal information that’s why only a few persons at have the access to the data provided by the customers. 

We Hold Right to Modify Legal Statement

To get updated with the legal statement, we recommend every user to visit our website on regular basis. holds the right to modify privacy statement. We customise legal statement only for the reason of the betterment of our valuable customers and our website.