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Roadmap to Writing Research Papers

Research papers are a skill-development task intended for students to inculcate, develop and mature a variety of skills via one all-encompassing task. Depending upon the field, criteria and guidelines given, research paper requirements and expertise level can vary. Struggling students usually buy research papers online to keep up with academic deadlines.

Selecting the Topic

It’s imperative to select a topic which challenges and interests your skill. Attitude is the final trump card needed to spike up the enthusiasm level and effort invested in a research. More importantly, it’s imperative to research a specific domain in a research field and ask teacher’s approval prior to delving into full-scale research. Lastly, it’s necessary to avoid topics with scanty research material or too heavy-handed in terms of technicality and dense research content.

Combing for Information

The general information can be found from Encyclopedia, Websites, Articles, Reference books, Research publications, and Reports. Moreover, educational domains and government websites are all the more viable for such research requiring validation. Also, refrain from using biased websites. Public libraries, people in the community, handouts and outdated magazines/ manuals are all admissible for research raw material.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is usually formulated subsequent to completion of a research. At that point, after the author is confirmed about the results, he can conceive an intelligent thesis statement.

Planning and Organization

This step is probably the most important during the research process. Read up all the research material gathered yet. Check for their relevance, factual, current and accurate regarding the subject at hand. The diverging opinions are also mentioned here to demonstrate flip side of the coin. The researcher is this section will undergo the process such as Digesting information, Analyzing the data, and Synthesize the research material. Only include the necessary information in a research paper. Lastly, it’s necessary to jot down all the necessary sources, from which information was borrowed. For organizing and neatly outlining the information, it’s necessary to use pointers, highlighters and use folders for keeping the information separate, for preventing last-hour confusion.

Developing an Attractive Outline

An outline is the difference between a completed and haphazard research paper. Given is a beautiful research outline of a Shakespeare’s play:

I. Prelude

Give a preface about Shakespearean plays

II. Thesis Statement

Prepare an intelligent thesis statement

III. Main body

Now neatly mention the main points such as His life, Early plays, Marriage, Tragedies (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet), Comedies (Much Ado about Nothing, The Tempest), Histories (Henry VIII, Richard III, King John), Sonnets, and Death.

Conclusion (Thorough analysis, analytical summary)

The task of an outline is to assist in steering the topic intelligently towards a crushing finale. The outline needs to be a step-by-step guide whilst writing the actual research paper.


The introduction consists of indicating the purpose of research. What’s the basic theme and outcome of a particular research? These points are mentioned in a research paper succinctly.


The main section of a research paper is the body where all the expansive detail is let loose. In this section, the flaws, the two-sided arguments and evidence to the contrary are all furnished in this section. Moreover, supporting evidence from various researches as well as pictorial representations are also produced here.


Reinstate the thesis results in the concluding paragraph. Summarize the key points concisely. Draw a conclusion in conjunction with the thesis statement.

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